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Dec. 10, 2019

Rebranding for Tree Service Company

Rebranding for Ed Brooks Tree Service
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New year, new look! 🥳

VanNoppen Marketing recently rebranded A Personal Touch Tree Service to Ed Brooks Tree Service! This project included an upgraded logo, a new fully- responsive website, social media integration and optimization, Google Business registration, and the development and execution of a smart GoogleAds campaign.

Rebranding (The Foundation)

The brand for any business is more than just an icon at the top of a page. The brand is a foundation on which you build a garden or watering hole or train your bees (keep reading). A brand conveys personality and has the ability to turn people away or invite them in instantly. Ed Brooks' logo needed to be professional, to convey the 25 years of success and unblemished safety record he's had, and approachable, inviting, to convey the expertise and trust he has earned, as well as versatile for the range of clientele he enjoys.

VNM loves a challenge. To start the process, VanNoppen takes a few steps to evaluate the client's needs. Starting with broad questions like, "What do you like about your brand/logo?" and "What do you not like about your brand/logo?". Moving into more specific questions like, "Any brands (competition or not) that you admire?" "Choose three words to describe what you want your brand to be (ex: witty, fun, luxury)".

This foundation on which one builds their business' brand becomes the first building block in any public outreach. How could someone choose a tagline with such an important job?! It must stay relevant, tie deeply with the mission and core of the company, while also being compelling. After some soul searching, VanNoppen Marketing and our client landed on the following logo with the tagline "A Cut Above".

A perfect reflection of the success and expertise, no way it will lose relevance with the business, and it's a pun. Which makes it funny! Or at least catchy if you're not a pun-person.

EBT logo with tagline

Website Development (The Watering Hole)

The website for any business should be a digital watering hole, the single location where all questions are answered, any actions can be taken, all accounts are connected and a tool to help people access the info quickly, and efficiently. Similar to a decorative watering hole, every website needs tending to. Weeding out the old plants, moving the pretty plants to the front, and sometimes tilling all the land and starting anew.

For Ed Brooks, we tilled the land. Developed an entirely new site on a functional platform with a clean, professional design (that matches the brand) and easy user-experience.


New VanNoppen Marketing Site

Digital Marketing (The Bees)

Digital Marketing should be the precise arm of the website. Something to drop down your business' message in the hands of people who need that exact thing. If the website is the Watering Hole, digital marketing is a swarm of tightly trained Bumble Bees, carrying pieces of your company's messaging and purpose right to the very people who need you.

The Bumble Bees were born for Ed Brooks Tree Service. Ed Brooks required a very targeted digital marketing campaign, looking for the ideal customer, who is also looking for him. On the unveiling of the regrown website, we launched a conservative local ad campaign.

Rebranding for Ed Brooks Tree Service

Overall, we began with a solid, successful company and repositioned them for further success. In continued work with Ed Brooks Tree Service, successes grow and we tend the garden together- VanNoppen Marketing and Ed Brooks Tree Service. The keepers of the land. Working side-by-side to ensure that the land prospers.

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