A custom content management system that makes maintaining your website a breeze.

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Upstairs is a powerful Content Management System we built that gives users simple, intuitive abilities to maintain their websites -- pages, images, text, forms and more.

Custom Built

We build Upstairs websites from the ground up and create custom modules and items tailored specifically for your needs. No excess fields or hard-to-install add ons. Your website is totally customized for you. No templates here.


Riding on the strong foundation of Django and Python, Upstairs offers strong SEO, reliable security, optimization and performance and an an outstanding admin interface for every feature of your website.

Access Anywhere

Upstairs websites are password protected and backed up on multiple cloud-based servers. You can access and manage your website from anywhere, anytime.

Multiple Users

You can tailor your content management privileges for different web managers in your organization. Some have access to only one page, others to several sections, and a few to the entire site. Upstairs is great for large and small teams.

Unlimited Space

You should not have to worry about having too many photos, products, or pages. Upstairs provides nearly unlimited storage for your website.


From an auto-generating sitemap, easily accessible meta tag editing, and our carefully cultivated HTML5 — Upstairs websites are easy for search engines to find and crawl.

Social Media

Built-in social media modules allow you to propagate content from your website across multiple social media channels at once.


Secure passwords, hashing and encryption are used every step of the way on Upstairs. Our servers have firewalls and all unnecessary ports are blocked and monitored.


Upstairs caches all queries to memcached providing an extremely fast way to recycle previously gathered information. By delivering static files from servers all around the world, Upstairs is not only fast, but efficient.

Media Library

Upstairs websites all come with a robust media library that makes it easy to organize your files and images.


Upstairs websites are fully-responsive and optimized to perform on tablets and mobile devices as well as desktops.

Easy To Use

Maintaining websites on Upstairs is simple and easy. Changes can be quickly made from anywhere and are instantaneous. No more frustrating delays in placing fresh content on your site.

We call our Website development protocol “Upstairs” because the unique custom coding – the brilliant one-of-a-kind engineering – of our Websites takes clients to a higher level, where the view across the Internet landscape can’t be beat. Top floor, so to speak.

Upstairs is not a propriety package. There are no licensing fees. Any competent computer engineer can work with it. Upstairs is a exceptional suite of advanced computer solutions obtained from a variety of proven, strong and stable open-sourced packages. We crafted a collection of the best-of-the-best of the open-source code to create Upstairs websites that can be totally customized on the front end and powerfully driven from the back end.

VanNoppen Marketing’s Upstairs Websites are loaded with continuous SEO, deep analytics, strong CMS for owner management and are completely responsive for all modern / supported devices and operating systems. Upstairs Websites are pushed to users using a smart arrangement of Amazon’s servers for reliability, content distribution networks for speed of delivery, and blended cloud platforms for management and backup.

That’s Upstairs. Top notch. You want a custom, high-performing, safe, fast and reliable Website that ties into your databases, that integrates with Social Media, that connects with calendars and schedulers, that invites and encourages user interaction? Upstairs is the solution.

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