About Us

A strategic creative firm outputting big ideas in a small town.

Who says you can’t have a nationally-recognized, award-winning, full-service, successful creative firm with staying power, fueled by a cross-disciplined collective of talented, passionate and responsive veterans, in small-town western North Carolina?

Talented and creative professionals who bring purpose, focus, deep knowledge and end-to-end personal customer collaborative engagement! And do so successfully. Since 2001. All the while building an impressive portfolio of broad work by being extraordinarily responsive and adaptable in a highly unpredictable dynamic, changing world!

Direct client to design/developer communication and relationship. No middleman. No rigamarole. No wasted time and energy. Big-city results with small-town attitude. Personal. Efficient. Convenient.

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VanNoppen Marketing agency office in Morganton, NC

VanNoppen Marketing is a full-service marketing agency located in Morganton, NC. We create powerful work for clients everywhere.

Core Values

Be a delight to do business with.
This is our #1 rule. We leave our egos at home and collaborate constructively and happily. Our clients are part of our team and we do right by them. Always.
Love what you do and have fun doing it.
Visit our office and you'll have singalongs with us, draw daily animal spirit cards, and raise a glass of champagne to a brilliant idea. We are thrilled to be here doing what we do.
Work hard, but more importantly, work smart.
We work hard, sometimes 24/7. But we also strive to work smart. You may not need that $20K/mo ad campaign and we'll be the first ones to tell you.
Don't settle, do work you're proud of.
Our products have shelf life. You'll be as proud of them as we are. We aim to under-promise and over-deliver. It won't always happen (this is reality, not Mad Men), but you won't be disappointed either way.

To be formal about it: VanNoppen Marketing, LLC (VNM) was founded in Morganton NC in 2001 as a marketing partner and consultant to businesses seeking to elevate marketing-, brand awareness-, and public relations-related endeavors. In the course of 15 successful years VNM has evolved from a single operator into an established, award-winning, full-service strategic marketing practice offering a deep spectrum of services to businesses, governments and professionals across the United States. These services include, but are not limited to: Branding; Graphic Design; robust Internet-based Marketing (website design and development, social media management; eBlasts; news syndication); Public Relations; Media Relations; Advertising; Strategic Marketing Development; Community Integration, and more.

VanNoppen Marketing provides the unsurpassed attention to detail of a regional creative boutique while delivering big ideas and big results sans the big attitude that often comes from big-city firms. We work hard to be a delight to do business with.

Our approach rarely varies. First, we listen. To our clients and to their customers. Aggressively. We get a deep understanding of the challenge. Then we think and develop insights and plans. Then, and only then, we create.

Our measure of success? Simple. If you are deemed a hero by your peers for bringing us to the table.

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VanNoppen Marketing office in Morganton, NC
VanNoppen Marketing specializes in website design, website development, social media marketing, AdWords, graphic design, logos, and more.
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