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NCSSM-Morganton Dragon Mascot

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NCSSM-Morganton Launch

VanNoppen Marketing was delighted to be chosen to develop the new mascot logo for NCSSM-Morganton: Home of the Dragons. Our creative team worked with NCSSM staff and students to create a fierce dragon logo to represent the school's fiery new mascot.

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Concepts & Strategy

In collaboration with a NCSSM-Morganton student-led committee, VNM developed numerous concepts, illustrations and iterations until landing on this unique look, shown in 3 of the institution brand colors.

NCSSM-Morganton Dragons colors

Variations & Word Mark

In addition to the full body winged dragon and head only version of the new brand mascot, VNM developed a word mark logo featuring the dragon as a "S" in NCSSM.

NCSSM-Morganton Dragons

Signage & Wall Mural

VNM developed mockups of the new mascot displayed in large scale murals across the NCSSM-Morganton campus.

NCSSM Dragon Mural

Tshirts & Sports Jersey Design

Tshirts for students, staff and parents were designed alongside jerseys for the NCSSM-Morganton sports teams to wear featuring the new mascot.

NCSSM-Morganton Dragons tshirts and jerseys

Merch Design

What branding project is complete without merch? VNM identified and designed key products for giveaways and schools store sales.

NCSSM-Morganton Dragon hats

Proud Parent Bumper Sticker

A proud parent of NCSSM-Morganton Dragons bumper sticker was the icing on the cake for this fun and engaging project.

NCSSM dragon bumper sticker

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