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Veterinary Office Logo Design

Equine Sports Medicine logo
Client Since


Dr. Cooper Williams, an equine sports vet in Maryland, hired VanNoppen Marketing to create a complex logo of a horse skeleton jumping an ECG line.

Our client,  Cooper Williams, V.M.D. is a veterinary practice that brings the latest treatments and techniques to horse owners in the Mid-Atlantic region.  His services range from preventive medicine for family pets to advanced medical imaging and cutting-edge therapies for competitive athletes.

Dr. Williams presented VanNoppen Marketing with a unique logo assignment: create an anatomically correct horse skeleton, enhanced by action graphics,  jumping over an ECG line. 

The logo needed to visually convey Dr. Cooper William's specialty in equine sports medicine.

Client Concept

Dr. Cooper Williams shared an image of an anatomically correct human skeleton graphic leaping in action and  declared the goal of a similar concept for horses. 

Equine Sports Medicine client logo concept

First Drafts

VanNoppen Marketing's first drafts approached Dr. William's vision but lacked the medical precision he desired

Equine Sports Medicine logo concepts

Second Drafts

Subsequent collaborative revisions between Dr. Williams and VanNoppen's team successfully achieved desired vector-based, adaptable graphic. Now it was time for type styles. 

Equine Sports Medicine logo version 2

Final Brand and Logo

The resulting work is as unique as it is precise and serves as a great example of combining talent with communication and shared goals.

Equine Sports Medicine logo

White Background Version

We created a second version of the logo for use on white backgrounds. This version is simplified and does not have the same glowing effect as the original version so it is more adaptable and can scale more easily.

Equine Sports Medicine logo with type

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