Business Model & Pricing

VanNoppen Marketing's full-service marketing capabilities have at their core a uniquely creative foundation. No two products are the same. Each project is custom-built for our customers.

Creativity is a very subjective entity. How do you apply a price on it? Here's what we think is fair, transparent, and straight forward.

The task and complexity of VanNoppen Marketing's services vary client to client. Some projects are fast and easy, others are long and complex. So, with very few exceptions, we charge an hourly rate for all work. Period. It's easy to understand and transparent. We keep very detailed time and task logs with our robust project management software. As a general rule, we do not mark up outside vendor costs and pass those charges directly to you.

VanNoppen Marketing has been in business successfully since 2001. Why? We practice direct client-to-design/developer communication and relationships. No middleman. No rigamarole. No wasted time and energy. Big-city results with a small-town attitude. Personal. Efficient. Convenient.

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