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Tuff-N-Lite Print Design

Tuff-n-Lite print design
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A division of Hickory-based Supreme Corporation, Tuff-N-lite® has changed the way consumers and workers look at safety clothing by providing apparel that is more than two times stronger than aramid fiber clothing while providing unparalleled safety, comfort and durability. VanNoppen Marketing has created a considerable body of print marketing work to support this innovative company.

Tuff-N-lite® unique safety apparel protects lives in the areas of industrial safety, sport and street motorcycling, police and military activities, and fast-paced sports such as ice hockey and speed skating. Tuff-N-lite® products are currently used all over the world including police forces in Kanagawa, Japan, factory workers in Mexico, glass manufacturers in the United States and by athletes participating in the recently concluded Sochi Olympic Games in Russia. VanNoppen Marketing worked closely with the firm's management in the design, development and deployment of print collateral.

Protective Glove Retail Hang Tag

VanNoppen Marketing created this very unique design to be used in retail stores selling Tuff-N-Lite's protective gloves. The glove fits over the lower portion of the information-rich and graphically compelling hanger. 

Tuff-n-Lite hang tag

Trade Show Banner

Tuff-N-Lite participated in many industry trade shows across the country and showcased its broad collection of protective gear in display booths. VanNoppen Marketing created banners, table skirts and other marketing collateral for the events.

Tuff-n-Lite banner

Catalog Product Page

Tuff-N-Lite offered many product configurations for its industrial protective gear. VanNoppen Marketing solved a design challenge in the company's catalog to simplify the presentation of options and specifications. 

SUP catalog product

Lapel Pin

VanNoppen Marketing worked with fabricators to design and produce a dime-sized lapel pin that was presented by Tuff-N-Lite management to customers.

Tuff-n-Lite lapel pin

Lite-N-Cool Flyer

Among Tuff-N-Lite's innovative products is a textile that is comfortable to wear and pulls away body heat so efficiently it is cool to the touch. Hence the brand name Lite-N-Cool. VanNoppen Marketing worked closely with the firm's leaders to develop the brand and printed collateral.

Lite-n-Cool flyer

Horizontal Hockey Brochure

Tuff-N-Lite's patented protective yarns create a cut-resistant material that is especially useful in ice hockey sports. VanNoppen Marketing designed and managed a full inventory of protective-gear collateral. 

Tuff-n-Lite rack card

Laundry Card

VanNoppen Marketing designed an instructional card that accompanied merchandise and used universal icons for clarity.

Laundry Card

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