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March 16, 2021

In a world in which e-commerce has become a necessity for nearly every retailer....

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Digital Commerce 360 projected that US eCommerce will grow to $1 Trillion in sales in 2021; that 36% of Top 400 retailers offered curbside pickup as of October 2020; and that eCommerce will represented 21% of total retail sales in 2020.

If, as a small business (or any sized business for that matter), you are not injecting eCommerce into your business models, you are significantly risking failure. (See the fine article written by Stuart Stump Mullens.)

Brian Beck, managing partner of Enceiba, a firm that manages Amazon programs for manufacturers and brands, said recently, "There was literally a feeding frenzy for companies, especially small to mid-sized companies, to catch up to the demand from digital customers."

Merchants, forced by the pandemic to embrace eCommerce, want options to Amazon and eBay. They want affordable and customizable control over their relationships with customers.

We recommend Shopify. If gives you third-party services (e.g. payments) and lets you control branding, pricing and customer relations.

Check out this article that appeared recently in the Wall Street Journal outlining advantages offered by Shopify.

We excel at developing custom Shopify websites for businesses small and large. Call us today. We'll create your integrated eCommerce portfolio.

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