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Sept. 29, 2016

Why We Don't Recommend WordPress

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WordPress is a popular template-driven Web development platform, initially launched as a Blogging apparatus, that makes Website creation and launch simple, easy and relatively uncomplicated. Many Web developers use it as their first preference because of the straightforward design-to-launch cycle. You take a design, drop it onto templates, enhance functionality with plugins and away you go.

VanNoppen Marketing's clients occasionally mention WordPress as a development option. VanNoppen Marketing does not recommend WordPress as a Website solution. While WordPress's templates provide easy-to-use platforms for customized front-end designs, the back-end is continually in the headlines of technical journals because it is laden with security vulnerabilities and performance flaws permitting hacks and causing crashes and that require constant, time-consuming vigilance, patches, and upgrades. Statistics show that the plugins, the key feature that enables function customization, are the biggest source of WordPress hacks and vulnerabilities (see Statistis Highlight the Biggest Source of WordPress Vulnerabilities.)

WordPress is a natural target for ongoing security exploits. A catalog of over 5,200 WordPress Core, Plugin and Theme vulnerabilities is available online.

VanNoppen Marketing's approach to Web Development contains a cornerstone principle that all elements of the Website architecture, engineering and programming provide a strong, stable and safe platform, hosted by reliable, scalable and secure cloud computing services, primarily Amazon's AWS. We can create a WordPress site, but we don't recommend it. There are better options.

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