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April 6, 2012

VanNoppen Marketing's New Website

VanNoppen Marketing Website
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MORGANTON, NC, May 9, 2012 - Full-service marketing agency, VanNoppen Marketing, LLC, recently released its new new corporate Website that showcases some of its recent work and the cutting-edge technologies the firm uses in current Web development projects.

"It's a different look -- cleaner, simpler, more to the point -- than the traditional marketing agency Website," said company president Allen VanNoppen. "The images at the top are called Announcements and reflect the newest work. They will change frequently. Six windows beneath the Announcements are portals into our core services. They will be updated regularly. In both of these sections visitors can drill down for details and examples."

"After 10 years our body of work is mountainous," VanNoppen said. "To place all that here is ludicrous. Instead, we have some simple, diverse examples, most of it less than a year old. Our goal is to allow someone who doesn't know us to go visit the site, spend a couple of minutes and make a decision about our capabilities."

The site is the Morganton, NC-based, 10-year-old firms first step in announcing its proprietary Website development programming code, Upstairs. "We've been developing Upstairs for almost a year," VanNoppen said. "We currently have about a dozen Upstairs Websites launched but we have been keeping the program quiet until we launched our new Website."

With this new site, which uses many the Upstairs features, VanNoppen Marketing is showcasing a lot of the cutting-edge technologies it employs in Web development -- technologies are invisible to the site visitor but offer the site owner thorough and easy content management, powerful SEO, multidimensional Analytics, speed, safety and reliability. Many Web developers offer some of these elements individually; Upstairs rolls all of them and more into a comprehensive and integrated product.

VanNoppen Marketing's new Website also is built with a protocol called Responsiveness, "which is geekspeak for a Website's ability to self-adjust for the type of device being used to view it," VanNoppen said. "While Upstairs will ensure that the site will look and function properly on all devices, those sites are not generally Responsive. This one is however. It will rearrange itself to accommodate the screen specs of whatever is used -- desktop, laptop, iPhone, iPad, Andriod and more."

(The NYT is a Responsive site, as is USA Today, the Boston Globe and this site, http://niarchive.org/trails/plantation-rewriting-the-story/. If you are dying to know more, go to http://agbeat.com/tech-news/brief-overview-of-responsive-web-design-how-to-test-any-site/

It's a fast Website, what with being written in the programming language, Django, which is a high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic designs. Residing on powerful Linux servers, VanNoppen's new Website is boosted by a content distribution network that preloads it onto servers everywhere, blocks threats and limits abusive bots and crawlers from wasting bandwidth and server resources.

It's a managable Website. "Like our the Upstairs-based Websites we've developed for clients, our new site features a powerful content management package that enables updates and changes throughout the site from any computer with Internet access --- there is no need for third-party software, licenses or priority work stations," VanNoppen said. "Site maps and Analytics code are updated automatically during content changes."

In the spirit of transparency, VanNoppen Marketing's new site features a Colophon that details the machinery within the site -- the technologies, coding and more. A Jobs page mentions current employment opportunities.

VanNoppen Marketing's Website is viewed by pointing your Web browser to, www.vannoppen.co

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