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Jan. 21, 2011

VanNoppen Marketing Contracted for Valdese Marketing Program

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VALDESE NC (Jan. 21, 2011) –In a progressive move to bolster the vitality of its local merchants and downtown shopping district, the Valdese Town Council recently commissioned VanNoppen Marketing, LLC to develop a comprehensive marketing program to boost awareness and sales - regionally and locally.The plan and subsequent 2011 implementation are supported financially with monies committed by the Valdese Town Council to specifically promote and market Valdese merchants.

“Our merchants are our lifeblood,” said Valdese Mayor Jim Hatley during a recent dinner meeting of the Valdese Merchants’ Association. “Without you there is no Valdese. We have to do everything we can to help bring business through your doors. And this is the first step.”

Through a cohesive, across-the-board strategy, VanNoppen Marketing's proposal for Valdese will offer downtown merchants and businesses throughout the town aggressive marketing tools they could ill afford individually. The town’s commitment is a unique and forward-thinking gesture; in the current hard-pressed economy, it is rare for any North Carolina municipality to initiate, much less finance, a marketing program to benefit and promote existing businesses.

The multi-faceted plan will put participating Valdese merchants on equal footing with their competitors in the region. Anchored by advanced Internet techniques, including a broad-based, interactive Website, search engine optimization, E-based initiatives, target marketing and on-line advertising, businesses will be able to showcase their individual shopping, entertainment and dining amenities.

The commission of the plan comes on the heels of other positive economic developments in Valdese: The expansion of Kellex Furniture Manufacturing which will bring an estimated 200 furniture jobs to the town; renovation of the Waldensian Mill with planned restaurants, offices, retail shops and a computer learning center; and the opening of a ABC Store that pumps a percentage of profits back into the Town’s annual budget.

VanNoppen Marketing owner, Allen VanNoppen, presented preliminary concepts to merchants during the merchants meeting held at the Old Rock School in mid-November. “Our instructions from your [Valdese] Town Council are clear. The marketing plan will equally support and promote merchants in a manner that requires very little of your [the merchants] time or money. Your messages will be heard by shoppers outside Valdese. But, perhaps more importantly, the marketing program will give Valdese residents reasons to shop in Valdese first.”

“What you have here is special,” VanNoppen continued. “I don’t know of another city or town in this region that is financially committing resources in an across-the-board manner like the Town of Valdese. Our 2011 marketing campaign, coupled with new jobs, downtown revitalization and existing business expansion, will set the stage for an exciting and noteworthy period of awareness of, and growth for, the Valdese merchants.”

VanNoppen Marketing has enjoyed a nearly decade-long relationship with Valdese. Among the successful projects that it has engaged with Valdese are the design of its encompassing water conservation program in the early 2000s and the formation and launch of the Valdese Tourism Department a few years later.

Celebrating its 10th Anniversary, VanNoppen Marketing, LLC is an award-winning, full-service branding, advertising and design firm dedicated to elevating the brands of clients through creative and strategic excellence. Active client industry sectors include: Medical; Real Estate; Home Furnishings; Manufacturing; Aviation; Governmental; Tourism, Professional Services, and Non-Profits.

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