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Jan. 12, 2011

Marge Carson Website reengineered for iPad

Marge Carson website homepage
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VanNoppen Marketing’s web development team created and launched premier furniture crafter Marge Carson’s Website before iPad hit mainstream. It was designed to enrich the Internet furniture exploration experience, especially with rich colors, elegant designs and multi-dimensional Flash-based graphics showcasing Marge Carson’s fine furniture.But Apple’s iPad (and iPhone) do not support Adobe’s Flash programs. So the visual dynamics failed when someone visited the Website with an iPad. While Marge Carson’s Website traffic patterns indicated that less than 5% of its recent visitors used a mobile device, 5% was unacceptable to a business with an earned reputation of high quality and forward thinking designs.To insure that the Website presentation maintained its elegance and balance regardless of how people surfed the Internet, we reengineered Marge Carson’s Website to recognize the type of operating system being used to visit the site (i.e. Windows, Mac, iPad, Blackberry, etc.) and created designs customized for those operating systems.

So when an iPad user visits www.MargeCarson.com, the enhanced web code commands a dynamic presentation nearly identical to the original design but customized for that device.Bottom line, Marge Carson’s Website retains its deep beauty and elegant design while the new internal coding matches presentation to technology.Which is exactly what the VanNoppen Marketing team does: We keep pace with technology. We embrace the philosophy that pushes continuous improvement through consistent critique. We work hard to get better at what we do every day. And we continue to offer “big city” creative work with “small town” service, responsiveness, respect and pricing.

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