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Feb. 22, 2013

Cambro - A New Milestone

Cambro Products Inc.
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A new milestone in our Website Development protocol was achieved in February 2013 with the launch of a pair of sites, Cambro Recycling and Cambro Global Equipment.

Our client needed a pair of unique sites, both accessed with individual URLs, and both designed to be graphically independent yet contain visual and mechanical linkage to each other. And both required powerful content management tools for client control over all text, images, navigation, pages, SEO and other critical elements.

To simplify the maintenance, management, and costs of the Websites, VanNoppen Marketing used its priority Upstairs Website development package to create a single hosting instance for both sites that featured a single administration panel for all content management. By logging into the Admin Panel just once, the client can easily maintain either site. And the single hosting instance translated to a savings in server fees.

Built in SEO, eCommerce and Analytics provide individual reporting and performance capabilities for the individual Websites enabling the client to monitor web traffic and adjust content and targeting accordingly, and to conduct individual business transactions when desired (the store can be turned on and off with a checkbox on the Admin Panel).

Like all VanNoppen Marketing’s Upstairs Websites, Cambro Global Sales and Cambro Recycling were custom built using Python and Django languages and are enriched with search engine optimization to insure visibility with analytics for traffic reporting and with content management tools for owner management. This cutting-edge custom code maximizes load speeds on browsers, speeds navigation for users, and adjusts the display of the site for function on iPads, smart phones, tablets and the most popular browsers for computers and laptops.

Cambro’s coding features an auto-generating sitemap, easily accessible meta tag editing, and carefully cultivated HTML making it easy for search engines to find and crawl.

Hosted on managed and updated servers, Cambro Recycling and Cambro Global Sales coding, server and distribution solutions caches all queries to memcached providing an extremely fast way to recycle previously gathered information. They use CloudFlare's CDN services to deliver static files from servers all around the world making our system not only fast, but also efficient.

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