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Feb. 2, 2011

Burke Primary Care Educates Patients

Burke Primary Care advertising
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With confusing and expensive healthcare on the forefront of political agendas and household budgets, our client Burke Primary Care is taking a strategic and comprehensive approach to help their patients navigate our challenging healthcare issues.

As one of Burke County’s largest and oldest independent medical practices, Burke Primary Care realized the need to educate patients of all ages using print- and Internet-based media about the issues and challenges facing healthcare. The campaign was deployed in January 2011.Working closely with Burke Primary Care’s leadership, VNM carefully constructed a strategically sequenced advertising and marketing plan for 2011. It is designed to reach all segments of Burke Primary Care’s patient base. Comprehensively, the strategy succeeds in effectively promoting the convenience of the practice, the dedication and competency of the doctors, the depth of services and Burke Primary Care’s commitment to Burke County.Newsletters are loaded with advice and information about seasonal trends, health tips and more information. Billboards promote Burke Primary Care’s role as Your Medical Home. Internet-based eBlasts bring more immediate information to readers and provide links to related subjects on its Website. Internet banners and newspaper ads promote other Burke Primary Care benefits and staff.We are delighted and proud to have been an integral part of this 2011 campaign. Thank you.

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