Back-End Developer

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Back-End Developer

Location: Remote or Local

Type: NA

Min Experience: 3 years

VanNoppen Marketing creates and maintains many websites and requires an experienced, full or part time, developer who has enough skills to be able to maintain both old sites and work with new bleeding edge technologies. It is a must that you can function and communicate well in a small team and be able to make decisions on your own and provide working features to websites in a timely manner.


  • Make critical development decisions for new and old websites.
  • Can quickly prototype ideas and give estimates for development.
  • Work with Python, Django, HTML, Javascript, and CSS/SASS on a daily basis.
  • Work with a designer to implement front-end designs onto a CMS during back end development.


  • A mastery of Python, Django, AWS S3, AWS RDS, and experience building a CMS.
  • Proficiency in HTML, CSS and Javascript and be able to code front end components when necessary.
  • Be able to work collaboratively in a team and communicate effectively.
  • Organized, detail-oriented, able to keep track of deadlines and manage multiple tasks/projects at once.


  • Contributions to open source with a GitHub/Bitbucket account showing a project or two. The volume of work is unimportant but we want to see one project you've built you are specifically proud of.
  • Portfolio of websites or web applications you have helped developed (either collaboratively or individually).
  • Familiarity and basic experience with a variety of custom package management solutions (npm, etc.) and streaming build systems (i.e. gulp).
  • Experience integrating REST APIs into websites.
  • Familiarity with e-commerce web app solutions.
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