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Event Marketing for Deaf Theatre Production

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Our team was delighted to be part of the marketing for a special play brought to Morganton by Derek Long Productions LLC. VNM produced a billboard, banners, posters, balloons, tshirts, video, ad campaigns, PR, postcards and more.

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Event Branding & Theatre Poster Design

Using custom artwork by the producer, Derek Long, VNM crafted a graphic look to set the stage for the other marketing materials, starting with the poster.

Theatre Poster Design - All the Oxytocin in Your Fingertips

Poster Designs

A series of poster designs featured supporting content such as renowned Deaf artists, nonprofit partners, and theoretical questions core to the story.

Event Marketing for Production

Banner & Billboard Designs

Large interstate billboards along the interstate and banners hanging over busy downtown streets promoted the theatre production.

Theatre Production Billboard - All the Oxytocin in Your Fingertips

Balloon Design

VNM designed custom balloons to promote the event and also for Deaf audience members to feel the vibrations of the production in the theater.

Balloon Designs for event - All the Oxytocin in Your Fingertips

Postcard Designs

VNM designed a postcard to promote the event that could be mailed or handed out at local businesses.

Postcard Design - All the Oxytocin

Event Tshirt

Matching the poster and event branding, this custom tshirt design was sold at the theater and worn by cast and crew.

Event Tshirt Design - All the Oxytocin

Video Promos

In partnership with the talented videographers of Table Rock Creative, we produced a series of video promos featuring interviews with cast and crew members.

Event Video Promos - All the Oxytocin

Playbill Design

A playbill designed by VNM was available electronically via QR codes at the theater.

Playbill Design - All the Oxytocin

Event Photography

We partnered with Caleb Knight Photography for production photography and behind-the-scenes shots of rehearsals and cast.

Event Photography - All the Oxytocin
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